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Yes my little guy it totally obsessed with fire engines, in fact if there are also old fire engines that he bursts:lol: So yesterday's treat with Nanny & Grandad was simply the best...

I may also have some funny photos to share tomorrow, although I hope not!, as I am dying Zoe and Kirsty's hair - one wants red one wants blonde.... could be interesting don't you think!


Still Playing With Paper

I can truly say I have loved designing with September Kit, normally if pressed for time it is harder to sit and enjoy doing something that has to be done by a certain time or to a deadline isn't it but for some strange reason that just wasn't the case this month!

I have used September GoGo Create, G2P, Hybrids & Bespoke Cards

This is one of those 'take a picture of yourself at arms length' shots and boy did we have a laugh taking it! After a long working day around the show coming outside in the sun light was really welcome!

I decided to go with a quirky covered chipboard tree featuring lots of different elements from the kit including paper, fabric from the flowers, corrugated letters for one branch and the Maya Road Pins for some leaves; using the Hybrid tree behind the chipboard lifted it away from the page and helping it to 'pop'.

Some of the packaging from the Prima Gems was used above the photo and a litle strip below - the colour goes so well with Septem…

Crazy August!

The 8th month of the year has been truly nuts and a whirlwind of just about everything:lol: However in that whirl of activity we have found time to have fun too and that included celebrating Harry's 9th birthday!

More 'Paperwork'

Yes more working with paper today:D

Using September Create, G2P, Hybrids & Bespoke Design Cards

We are lucky enough to live fairly close to the coast and Summer would not be complete without at least one visit to Walberswick to have a play in the sand.

September Kit may be ideal for coming into the Autumn months but don't let that fool you as beach photos are the perfect blend too!

For this LO I decided to make some layers down the page to give the feeling of the dunes that overlap the sand that then meets the sea and a little section cut from the Crate Paper 'Branch' paper was ideal - plus adding some pearls from the Prima element to the dots really does make it feel just a little bit like pebbles on the sand.

The shiney leaf and stamped image along with some cut out section from a Bespoke Design Card add to the beach comber feel of my photos a treat.

Bits and Pieces

Summer holidays are just a tad challenging I feel:lol: So much work to get done but so much less time to devote and the 'nightshift' doesn't seem so appealing on rainy days but hey ho I am truly lucky to be able to swap my days around so that I can be with Harry and the girls I should not moan at all!

We have had so, so many hospital appointments this month with three last week including two with 4 hour round trips which doesn't make for much holiday fun for Harry and he is a little cross they are not in school time so he misses maths:lol: Oh the flip side all his results are back and all is well so we can start the term with clear heads I guess - well you have to be a cup half full kinda person don't you:D

We went for a trip away at the weekend to give Harry a little treat (and for the girls to have some calm time at home without Cbeebies etc!) and visited Cadbury World. We enjoyed reading the history behind the town and the factory but Harry being a 'busy' …

Back Home

After a whirlwind trip filled with long days of work and play I am home and getting back into the 'normal' routine that is the chaos and mayhem of having a busy business and children on school holidays, those of you that also have a similar combination will know what I mean:D

It seems such a long time since sports day...

This photo was taken whilst I was away and sent to me on my phone, I can't believe how much Harry's hair has grown since two week ago!

We found some great new products for upcoming GoGo Kits and if you have yet to see them check out our Blog posts from when we were at CHA!

Lots of exciting things happening in the world of GoGo at present including a new member incentive scheme, if you are a member or thinking of becoming one then you will not want to miss this!