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Edible - phew!

The baking I mentioned in the previous post was edible....

Although that was not surprising as I didn't set foot in the kitchen, for I am no domestic goddess:lol:

Harry and Kirsty were a little undecided who was in charge in the kitchen but these Sausage Stars turned out


Create & Co

Our first Create & Co Crop was held on Saturday and we had a lovely day, and although I was fighting a nasty virus and suffered the next day for staying late into the evening it was worth it to spend 12 hours with such a lovely group of ladies.

I was first up with my Make & Take which was a simple LO embellished with a mulberry paper frill effect...

Five of us run the crop which means with so many helping hands we all get to sit and scrap ourselves, this really did make for a chilled out day and dispite not really feeling up to lots of scrapping I started on my 7 Gypsies ATC frame that Mum got me for my birthday.

We took along the remaining shop selection that we have and everyone loved the 25% discount we were offering for the day...

It was lovely to see Sheena again too, she looks very busy here:lol:

Unfortunately Simon is working again today so we are staying close to home, later today we are going to be baking - wish me luck:lol:


A Good Day For Turning Forty!

If there ever was a good day for turning forty then it was yesterday:D The sun was shining, Harry was content, Simon wasn't working, Kirsty had curly hair and Zoe had come home from Uni for the weekend - so all was well in the Ablett household:lol:

We did a little of this...

Then onto a bit of this...

I was spoilt through out the day, starting with pass the parcel that Harry had 'organised' at 7am bless him and ending in a birthday tea party with a surprise cake:D

I received some fab gifts and one very special present from my Mum - a little gold charm that had been made from Mum's wedding ring that my Dad gave her on their wedding day many years ago, for those of you that don't know my Dad passed away when I was just 13 so this was extra special! Mum also made me a mini keepsake album containing lots of photos from years past which is totally cool!

Harry and Simon gave me a beautiful necklace that you can make out in the photos above and the girls found my fav eyeshado…

Seuss Landing

Managed to finish another LO yesterday whilst Harry was busy with Grandad!

For this LO I have used the June Create & G2P.

Seuss Landing at Islands Of Adventure in Orlando was a wacky mix of colour and quirky shapes buildings and patterns and Harry had so much fun in this part of the park that I really wanted to recreate this sense when scrapping this cute photo of him.

I already knew that I wanted to use the rest of the Puffy Shapes that I had cut in half for another design as clouds, the reverse of these were perfect as they are white!

Remnants of the pattern papers were ideal for 'hills' and 'roads' and the pennants in the 'sky' were made from the petrol pump strip on the Cosmo Cricket Elements sheet, and a simple string effect made from knotting the orange Notting Hill Seam Binding in several places prior to attaching above the pennants.

The Smooch was a great medium to use on this design as it really helped show the chaos and unpredictability that is Dr Se…

Pilot @ LGW and Ivor The Engine

I am really enjoying the first of Harry's trip LO's, it brings back such fab memories!
I think I may make a start on my fourth LO this afternoon as Harry has gone off with Grandad for a boys day out to Bressingham Steam Museum for an Ivor The Engine day - wow do you remember Ivor? Harry had never heard of him so I had to show some pictures on the www :lol:

I used the June Create & Exclusive Stamp for the LO below...

Harry was really excited to be invited to meet the pilot of our outbound plane from LGW and loved asking lots of questions about all the controls, buttons and instruments in the cockpit of this Boeing 747. The pilot and co pilot had lots of time for Harry and patiently answered all of his questions, even the ones about the ash cloud!

June's Stamp is ideal for creating frames to house smaller photos and teamed with the American Craft Purple Zing makes for vibrant and interesting focal points that frame photos a treat.

Each frame is created by stamping with Versa…

Enjoy The Journey

I have been busy cutting and sticking again, the first of my photos from Harry's trip came yesterday and I was itching to use them straight away, luckily the colours of the photos that came all work so well with June Kit that I will be making another later today but not until after we have completed the jobs we have decided to get done first... cleaning the patio and tidying up outside - joy!:lol:

Smiling faces and captured sitting still is one place was a great mix for these photos, Harry and Simon are actually sitting on a horse and cart which is why Harry is not running in the opposite direction to his next activity:lol: We all had a wonderful time on this evening in Kissimmee, Florida at the Give Kids The World Village as it was 'Christmas' with lots of special things going on which Harry loved so much!

The American Crafts Puffy Shapes are great fun to use and you can do many things with them so don't be afraid to cut them up, punch them and thread ribbon through the…

A Cutting & Sticking Afternoon

We have been really busy today at work pulling together another GoGo Day Event (keep your eyes peeled for info real soon!) so upon coming home I was all inspired to complete my first LO using June Kit.

I used the Are We Nearly There Yet June Create Kit & Hybrids for this 12x12 LO.

I love these cherished photos that capture Harry's first 'normal' bike, for years he has had to have a special bike as his mobility is not that great and accidents were going to happen if we didn't have the right equipment to hold him in place! This is Harry's first bike straight out of Halfords, and although we needed to send for special stabilsers he was as proud as punch to go and select a bike of his choice for his 8th birthday.

What I find great about the hybrids we offer free of charge is that they really can make the kit contents stretch so much further. I have added many elements from the hybrid sheets including the 'stop' sign as a journal spot for part of the title, use…

Are We Nearly There Yet!

OK so June Kit is now with us at the office and I promise that I did not put this kit together so that it worked so well with my travel photos:lol: but it does and that is great news! The mini chipboard plane already is flying to land on a LO on my desk:D

Are We Nearly There Yet’ (June Kit) featuring Cosmo Cricket 'Joy Ride'; Jillibean ' New England Chowder'; Crate Paper 'Brook'; GCD 'Lydia'; Basic Grey 'Max & Whiskers'. Take a Joy Ride and follow our directions for non stop crafting fun. Make time to travel with us on a road trip of roundabouts, smooth surfaces and sharp corners. With bumper to bumper non stop colours in shades of Mud Track Brown, Indicator Orange, Go-Go Yellow, Spray Paint Purple and Car Wash Aqua. So get your horn honking and make way for designs with no pot holes!

Don't you just love the Stamp this month - yes you are correct it is a map of the area around London, so much better than the Route 66 and Highway stamps you…

Cool News Today

Harry's photo with the dolphins and quotes from our feedback and thanks to Make A Wish have been selected to be part of the programme that will be handed out at the Make A Wish Summer Ball!

Even though we can't stretch to purchasing a couple of tickets to the Summer Ball it is lovely to know that we done our part by being part of the programme material.


Yeah, I will Get Us Through The Ash Cloud Mum!

The first thing that Harry said to the pilot on board the Virgin flight home was 'I think I can fly us around the ash cloud'! This of course made the pilot laugh:lol:

Make A Wish let the staff of our flight home know that they had a special little guy called Harry on board and Harry was invited to the cockpit - totally cool I think is what he said!

What a cool way to sign off from our trip I am sure you will agree:D


Last Day

I am near to the end of telling you all about Harry's Make A Wish trip, the last day came round far too quick but we shall cherish all the memories we have forever!

It may have been the morning of our last day but there were more surprises in store for Harry as GKTW arranged for him to visit the local fire station - how super cool was that for a fireman obsessed little guy!

Sshh... And yes the fireman was really cute :D


The Ice Cream!

A child's paradise wouldn't be complete without ice cream so Give Kids The World built an ice cream palace!

The banana splits were ace and Harry loved that he was offered whipped cream, toppings and sauces on top of his ice cream!