Still Playing With Paper

I can truly say I have loved designing with September Kit, normally if pressed for time it is harder to sit and enjoy doing something that has to be done by a certain time or to a deadline isn't it but for some strange reason that just wasn't the case this month!

I have used September GoGo Create, G2P, Hybrids & Bespoke Cards

This is one of those 'take a picture of yourself at arms length' shots and boy did we have a laugh taking it! After a long working day around the show coming outside in the sun light was really welcome!

I decided to go with a quirky covered chipboard tree featuring lots of different elements from the kit including paper, fabric from the flowers, corrugated letters for one branch and the Maya Road Pins for some leaves; using the Hybrid tree behind the chipboard lifted it away from the page and helping it to 'pop'.

Some of the packaging from the Prima Gems was used above the photo and a litle strip below - the colour goes so well with September Kit so do get using the packaging to make the kit go even further!


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