Bits and Pieces

Summer holidays are just a tad challenging I feel:lol: So much work to get done but so much less time to devote and the 'nightshift' doesn't seem so appealing on rainy days but hey ho I am truly lucky to be able to swap my days around so that I can be with Harry and the girls I should not moan at all!

We have had so, so many hospital appointments this month with three last week including two with 4 hour round trips which doesn't make for much holiday fun for Harry and he is a little cross they are not in school time so he misses maths:lol: Oh the flip side all his results are back and all is well so we can start the term with clear heads I guess - well you have to be a cup half full kinda person don't you:D

We went for a trip away at the weekend to give Harry a little treat (and for the girls to have some calm time at home without Cbeebies etc!) and visited Cadbury World. We enjoyed reading the history behind the town and the factory but Harry being a 'busy' 8 year old just wanted to run to the next thing so we were done in under 2 hours bless him!

On the way we stopped off and had a lovely afternoon with Sheena, Paul and Harriet and Harry got to hold a chicken which he was prety chuffed about and of course as it went so well with September Kit I had to get a LO done ...

I do wish we had time to get away just for three or four days somewhere where we could just all chill together and kick back and just enjoy each others company but alas that is not going to be happening as kits just won't pack themselves, and pets can't look after themselves:lol:



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