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Sent To Coventry!

Yesterday we had a blast at GoGo Game Over, thank you to all the lovely ladies that travelled along for the day to join us it was great fun meeting you all and sharing the day creating:D

I loved teaching my Class and thank you all for joining in - some of those outfits for your 'people' were amazing!

For those of you that didn't get to come along here's what I designed and taught

Hang... Man!'

'No gallows in GoGo land just fun papers and products with a game strategy of quirky designs. 12x12 LO creation has never been such plane sailing!'

So after a fun and successful day we start to put together our Day Event diaries for 2011...

Lorraine x

New Look!

Not only has my face had a little make over but we have been busy working away on our new look website over the last few days.

Like any major project it takes a team of people (with lots of GSOH) to complete the task from start to finish, so a bit like an award ceremony I am going to say some 'thank yous':lol:

Thank you to Vicki for working with us on the main template for the backdrop and header - we love it! Vicki has some pretty cool Blog To Go designs on her shop right now and some equally cool digi kits to boot!

A big thank you to Simon at x3 Internet Solutions for pulling it all together and listening to our ideas and making it happen (and work!).

And last but most certainly not least a HUGE thank you to all the lovely messages from customers and members - we try hard to keep things fresh and funky for you all and are constantly working on new ideas to inspire you.

Talking about inspiration you may have seen a new elemtent on the side bar of the website....

More details follo…

My Philosophy

No I haven't gone all 'deep' since my jungle juice :lol: but I have fallen in love with the Philosophy skin care range!

It all started in an LA mall when we entered a department store where Nicola needed to stock up on a certain cleanser from Philosophy and five minutes later I grabbed myself a Miracle Kit too. I did wonder if it may be one of those impulse buys that I would regret but for the last four weeks I have followed my new skin care regime and WOW the difference is great.

I have used Clinque since I was about 14 so to try something else was a big step - sounds silly but you know what I mean - but I can honestly say I am hooked BIG TIME!

The smell is divine, the feel luxurious and the results amazing. I no longer have crows feet that need filling and have a 'glow' that people have remarked on so it must be good:lol: 'Hope In A Jar' is such a cool name for a moisturise don't you think

So thank you Nicola for sharing your secret to youthful skin. I no…

Jungle Juice...

well that is what the doctor called it and it was good what ever it was!

We have had a couple of days of medical procedures in the Ablett household but I guess it got it all done and dusted in one go. Kirsty has her tonsils out on Friday and all went really well and she was back home the same day:D Yesterday we put plans into action and Grandad came to sit with Kirsty from 6.30am whilst Simon took (dragged!) me along to the clinic to have three retained teeth roots out with IV sedation ( I am in LOVE IV sedation by the way!). I am proud to say that hysteria only set in once and that was in private which Simon is truly thankful for:lol:

The dentist was lovely and told me afterwards that one of the teeth had a root at a 45% angle - glad I was on another planet when they removed that then! Without going into too much detail one of the holes in my mouth looks like something came out sideways... yuck!!!

So today no pretty pictures to share, no creations but I am very happy everything is all …

4 of 4!

Finished LO number four today and in good time to prepare for leaving for the hospital tomorrow morning. What is it with having to get ALL the housework and jobs done before holidays, appointments etc - it isn't as if the jobs won't be there when I return:lol:

I really did enjoy creating One Cute Boy, I have recently started to 'undo' some old photo albums ready to scrap my favourite photos and came across these of Harry back in 2002 - the colours go so well with this kit!

Lots of layering going on here (a bit like all the layers he his wearing:lol as well as some flowers to soften the edges and a mixture of fonts for the title using the Sassafras Disco Cards, Hybrids and Sassafras Letter Stickers.

It has been lovely to go back a little in time and document a time when Harry sat in one place for more than 5 minutes:D He was such a placid little chap, always full of smiles and wanting cuddles.

Lorraine x

Treat Day

Today was treat day, which meant work has been put on hold until night time when Harry is asleep:lol:

It is hard to come up with different things to do for little day trips especially when it is cold and rainy so we settled for a safe option of a visit to Build A Bear in Norwich. Harry was a lucky boy as Mia came along too and they had so much fun selecting the bears (or wolf in Harry's case!) and then dressing them up... I managed to convince Harry that Wolf clothing was not pink and glittery:lol: Harry named is new purchase 'Max' and dressed him in combat gear:lol: complete with a tent for sleeping in at night - of course!

Boy was it hectic in the shop, you literally could not move and by the time we had finished we were fit to drop from hunger and thirst so quickly found our way to the food hall for an energy boost. So pocket money all spent I now have a happy little chap to put to bed along with a army wolf named Max :lol:

Lorraine x

Half Term Juggling

On the subject (again!) of juggling many different things it is half term!
I do love having Kirsty and Harry at home (Zoe doesn't have a half term at Uni) but it is a hectic week ending in Kirsty having her tonsils out on Friday and me having three teeth out under sedation on Saturday; we are therefore in organising mode for clearing the decks for some chilling out in the days following both operations:D

My 'to do' list has been fairly long lately but is getting there now, I am nearly through LO number 4 with March Kit and have completed both my classes for the Getaway which I have really enjoyed doing I must say:D

This LO below is using Create/G2P plus Bespoke Design Cards:

I adore these cards that Sam designed to coordinate with March Kit - the colours and styles are so much fun. However I wanted to make them go a little further so to create my blocks beside the photo I have cut them in half and mixed them up a little before sticking down.

This photo was taken whilst bowling…

My Heart Is In Their Hands

I think Valentines Day is a rather sweet tradition TBH, even if it has been bitten by lots of commercial hype nowadays I still kinda love it! We are not a gushy couple by any means but we try to make sure not a day goes by without stopping for a moment to say 'I Love You' or for a supportive hug if needed (most days!) and I must say that it really comes quite naturally ... I guess that is a good thing:D I do however find it a little 'odd' that you can get Valentine cards for your dog/cat/teacher... weird:lol:

February's GoGo Kit had to contain a little Amour didn't it really, nothing too in your face and themed but it is there if you want to showcase your love of your life or indeed your love for a packet of sweets:lol: I do have to admit to buying a small Valentine gift for Simon... Werther's Orginals - well he does like them and so much more than heart adorned boxer shorts or an odd cuddly toy I am sure!

So to celebrate my love for four very important peopl…

Is It Wrong To Be So Excited!

You would think looking at scrapping supplies all day everyday would get a bit tiresome wouldn't you but there are moments in most days that my pulse races at the sight of new products:lol: This week has seen that moment more than once not only with March Kit but also the stock arriving for the shop at the Getaway in March.

Those of you that are coming along to the Getaway will simply LOVE what we have instore for you this year, as you know we like to make your GoGo shopping experience a little different to the norm and as we shop with ONLY the Getaway delegates in mind for the stock we can really spend that little extra time and care making it just that little bit more unique.

So the Getaway Forum is now live for the delegates and chat is already busy and buzzing - all 21 Classes have been announced too and have gone down a storm and as a little extra surprise we also shared a quick peek into a couple of sections of the shop stock:D

After all the oo's and ahh's from all of u…

Fun Times Were Had

I have been spending a little time this evening sorting out the files and photos on my computer, trying to get in some kind of preparation for which ones I hope to scrap and those I just want to file away in a safe place 'for prosperity' but I didn't get very far as I kept homing back in on the ways that were taken in Disneyland, Anaheim a couple of weeks back.

We were fortunate to be able to spend a girlie day chilling and bounding in Disneyland (after CHA and the work was done of course!) and were blessed with a truly sunny day too, we did have such a laugh - so much so that my sides ached! Aside from being the one that got the wettest on Grizzly Bear River Run the highlight of the day was being asked to be in the parade.. I kid you not!

After we got over the initial excitement I admit to being a bit nervous - well we didn't actually know what we were doing in the parade and for all I knew we could have been asked to dress up as Pumba or Tigger's backside :lol:


A Funny Ol' Day So Far...

Don't you just love the realms of the WWW, (well most of the time anyhow!) without even leaving my chair I done the weekly Tesco shop, ordered the make up I have had on my wish list since January, completed some work and checked up on the chat on the Clubhouse and UKS; all before 10am - shame Apple can't invent an imac that makes coffee too!

Today was one of those days when the juggling was at it's best as smack bang in the middle of the day (of course!) Harry had an appointment with his Community Paediatrician - when I say 'his' it could have actually been anyone as I don't think we have ever seen the same Doctor more than twice which is not helpful as you have to start the history and background all over again... a kind of medical groundhog day!!! However we sure did strike it lucky and had the same Doctor as last time.

One positive of this appointment was it is fairly close to home rather than the usual 3 hours round trip we have to make and we pass a fantasti…

Well About Time Too!

Starting a personal blog is something that I have been planning for the last 18 months or so but was one of those things that I just never quite got round too... until today! Do you ever have days where you just zoom through all your domestic chores, whip through the 'to do' lists and have free time left to do as you please - well I don't normally so took that moment by the scruff of the neck and got down to it, so here is the result.

I must admit I struggled a little at first, more of a issue due to not wishing to read the instructions to the last sentence than anything else :lol: but hey, I got there - in my own way - which actually means I put out a cry for help! Thank you Vicki:D

Thinking of a title was easier said than done, first off I didn't want to include anything to do with ScrapaGoGo in the title - well this is a personal blog and not so much work related - but when something is such a HUGE part of your life how can you not include it! So 'Inspired by GoGo…