Our feet have not touched the ground getting ready for the Getaway the last couple of months but as of today the Kits are all packed and classes all designed and the Forum on the Clubhouse is live and buzzing! Although hard work and long hours I really do love the end result and the time spent with delegates chatting, teaching and getting to know each and every GoGo Getaway girlie:D

I am really looking forward to teaching my three classes and am especially excited about this one:

Step Into My Garden

'Wander through our garden gate and let us welcome you to a dimensional delight captured within the confines of 12x12 Layout. Take a moment to mould your story and set the stage to celebrate the stepping stones of life.'

This class has some little surprises along the way and I really enjoyed putting this one together:D


  1. Aw Lorraine, I cannot wait until the Getaway, it lokos fab, my boyfriend is already wondering how long I'll be chatting away telling him about it all like I did last year, infact, I've already started!


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