A Bit Lost...

that is how I have been since Sunday TBH!

We had to finally break the news of the ash cloud to Harry yesterday as he went back to school and we didn't want to risk everyone talking about it and him not be aware. It was hard to break that magic bubble he has been in for weeks but I know it was the right thing to do so he was better armed for missing out on the flight on Friday.

However today we received an email from Make A Wish...

Hi Lorraine
At this moment it all seems ok, please just go ahead with your
itinerary starting tomorrow with your flight on Friday.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries and I will
of course contact you should anything change.
Kind regards

So fingers crossed with the airports being open (for now anyhow!) that we do indeed get to fly out on Friday.

Thank you to everyone for your posts, emails and messages - they have really kept us going and Harry also says thank you to all of you for sending him lovely messages too:D



  1. WoooooooHoooooooooo Thanks goodness xxxx

  2. I have simply EVERYTHING crossed, and so do all the family that everything goes according to plan for you all on Friday and that I get the final text saying ....WE ARE ON OUR WAY.....

    You all deserve this soo much!

  3. You haven't been far from my thoughts all day and likewise have everything crossed that all goes well on Friday


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