Patterns From The Past

Today in amongst all the multi tasking I would like to share another of my Getaway Classes 'Patterns From The Past'...

'Get hooked on creating your mark in a class that will tear you away from any distractions, but do keep an eye on the wheel as we take you to the realms of the dressmaker. No garment making here we promise and non sewing folk won't need to be pinned down to enjoy and complete this technique!'

There is a cool little tool included in this class which we will be using in many different ways, I am really looking forward to this one:D


  1. I always wish I could get to a class but, living in Scotland, it's a bit far to travel. I need to see which of my friends lives the nearest lol.

    Not sure who to ask, but I know you're on the dt at Paper Proposals, is it still going?

    Love your stuff Lorraine and, of course, big scrapagogo fan :) Ty for your hardwork


  2. Hi Gayle,

    Thank you for your lovely comments:D

    You never know GoGo may come to Scotland and bring an event to you!

    Yes, Paper Proposals will be back very soon.


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