Poorly Little Chap & Tokyo Gardens

Some weeks are just not meant to turn out as planned are they and this one sure has been a topsy turvy one!

Harry was due to have his MRI on Monday so up we get at 5am, bundle a sleepy chap in the car and head for Addenbrooks. Harry mentioned he didn't feel well but that is normal as he gets nervous for his canula being put in and of course he hadn't had anything to eat for 8 hours or so ready for the anaesthetic so we didn't think anything more of it... well we should have!
We turned up at the unit and Harry had his checks only to find that his temperature was near on 39 so we had to come away without the MRI being done:(

Harry's temperature has contined to rise and he is quite a poorly little chap bless him, the biggest clue is not eating as normally he eats us out of house and home:lol: So lots of resting and cbeebies for him the rest of the week I think:D

Whilst Harry rests in between cuddles I hope to play with Tokyo Gardens today, I have a lovely picture of Harry sucking this thumb that I have turned to sepia that I plan to use first - wow sepia goes so well with this kit!



  1. Hoping Harry is feeling a little better now....we had an interesting hospital day today when the cardiac nurse was trying to wrap the leads of an ambulatory monitor that had previously been on a 6 foot tall man around a tiny 7 year old until I convinced her that she should really make the call to the paediatric department to see if they had any shorter ones to enable dd to go about her day as normal....otherwise she'd have been like a mummy of wire all day....
    Apparently though...it's 'not that simple'......arghghghghghghghghhghgh
    Kit looks lush by the way :)


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