Grab It Day

Well half term is here and thankfully Harry doesn't lie in which meant Grab Its went up nice and early:D

I am really pleased with all the response regarding us bringing back the cardstock packs, but with a twist of course as things never stand still in GoGo Land, so 'Get More Card' has four sheets of coordinating cardstock rather than duplicates of those that are already within the Create Kit and members are loving it!

One of my favourite elements of June's collection was the Stamp, it was ideal for using as a cute frame along with the Zing but I also loved the way Lisa used it as a border for her photos - what a super cool idea! and how Angie used it within the Hybrid Frame to create a decorative mat. Funky ideas and such a unique stamp which features a section of the London area map:D

I have other plans for this little stamp with other products, it seems to go so well with some of the 7 gypsies lines and the new Octbober Afternoon Thift Shop line to name a couple, so more LO's coming soon I feel!

It is really chilly here today and a little dull so we are still thinking of an activity for Harry to do this afternoon that doesn't involve going to look at Playmobil in Diss - which is what he said he would like to do today, if only it just was looking but Harry's 'looking' is more than that:D



  1. I've already grabbed, I have got the stamps, they are so cute.


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