Such A LONG List!

OK so the class begins tomorrow and I have so NOT done my homework in getting prepared:lol:

Well that was always going to be like that with such a busy week at the same time!

So here is what I need to gather inbetween school runs, work, my Help! course and well life in general really - wish me luck!

cutter - check
scissors - check
double sided tape - um, nope used as police tape by Harry!
black journaling pen - nope, eaten by dog (yes really!)
cardstock - check
papers - check, check and double check (enough for the entire group I think!)
overlays - kind of:D
gesso - nope
glimmer mist - check
alphas - check
embellishments - check (coming out of ears actually!)
versamark ink - check
clear embossing powder - nope
black indian ink - ummm, NO idea what that is!
white pen - check
a needle - check
cardboard - check
watercolor - check (as long as children's art supply ones count:lol:)
brushes - nope
white cardstock - nope all run out anyone know a scrapbook store I can get some from?:D
sand paper - check
acrylic paint - check
a 8,5x11" piece of white FABRIC - nope
masks - nope (unless that means a cow or pig one then yes!)
acetone - nope
stamps - why of course:D

OK so maybe the list is not as bad as it first looked...



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