Now That Is What I call A Cake!

This weekend has been super manic, so many jobs to get done, tasks to complete and errands to run too but we made sure we managed to get together a cake for Simon's birthday still:D

Harry planned the most fantastic construction site idea bless him and so off we had to rush to get some coloured fondant icing, although the shopping trip was THE most stressful as yet I am glad we did go as Harry really did enjoy modelling all the little details by hand. The scene was set off with Playmobil figures - the perfect touch:D

You will note no photos of Daddy at all, that is because he left for work super early and didn't finish until after dinner this evening... infact that was pretty much the pattern of the weekend really which was a shame.



  1. I am LOVING that cake!! VERY cool job by Harry!


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