A Little Award

So today Helen nominated me for a little award - a bit like a sticker chart without having to eat your green really:D

Rule 1: 'Thank the person who gave you the award' - thank you Helen my sweetie:D

Rule 2: 'Place the logo on your blog' - check!

Rule 3: 'Link to the person who nominated you' - ta da!

Rule 4: 'Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting' - all true too:lol:

1. Is married to a 'toy boy:lol:
2. Loves Most Haunted Live Shows - sad but true!
3. Never been able to do a forward role:(
4. I can wiggle my nose.
5. I have a soup graveyard in my garden:)
6. I have a terrible fear of 'down' escalators!
7. I am addicted to Dr Pepper

Rule 5: 'Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs' -

1 Eileen
2 Nicola
3 Sheena
4 Claire
5 Vicki
6 Lisa
7 Angie


  1. lol! soup graveyard! where all good stews go to die


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