So Long Ago Was My Last Entry!

OK - seriously bad blogger alert! Life has been far too manic with appointments, work and everything else in between that I really didn't think that you wanted to be reading all of my woo's :lol:

But now I do have some nice things to share as I have been playing with April Kit 'Fabrication' and have been contining to put together more baby photos from my standard album...

April Kit is perfect for baby photos, so much so that I have really got stuck in to emptying my old baby album for Harry and finalling making some LOs! This picture of Harry was in his first week of being born and I still remember this little green striped suit as if it were yesterday.

The Hybrids this month really have helped my Kit go far, infact all but two of the strips that feature within this design are from the Hybrid download. The three buttons from the Hybrids were a great base for three little pins - don't these just remind you of nappy pins!


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