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Patterns From The Past

Today in amongst all the multi tasking I would like to share another of my Getaway Classes 'Patterns From The Past'...

'Get hooked on creating your mark in a class that will tear you away from any distractions, but do keep an eye on the wheel as we take you to the realms of the dressmaker. No garment making here we promise and non sewing folk won't need to be pinned down to enjoy and complete this technique!'
There is a cool little tool included in this class which we will be using in many different ways, I am really looking forward to this one:D Lx


Our feet have not touched the ground getting ready for the Getaway the last couple of months but as of today the Kits are all packed and classes all designed and the Forum on the Clubhouse is live and buzzing! Although hard work and long hours I really do love the end result and the time spent with delegates chatting, teaching and getting to know each and every GoGo Getaway girlie:D
I am really looking forward to teaching my three classes and am especially excited about this one:

Step Into My Garden
'Wander through our garden gate and let us welcome you to a dimensional delight captured within the confines of 12x12 Layout. Take a moment to mould your story and set the stage to celebrate the stepping stones of life.'
This class has some little surprises along the way and I really enjoyed putting this one together:D

Foggy Bottom

I really enjoyed creating this LO, the photos reminded me so much of the fun we had that day!

Create & Hybrids
I was in my element when cutting out the Hybrids for the LO, they are such fun and a perfect partner to the Enchanted Woods Kit and ideal to compliment the photos of Harry and Simon on a day out at Bressingham Gardens.

Cutting and trimming patterned paper to create a grass effect brings fun and texture to a LO, by simple snipping of 'v' shapes a really quirky feel can be achieved.
Hybrid heaven should have been the name of this LO I think:lol:

Enchanted Woods

This is what I have been playing with this afternoon, and have had so much fun - it has been good for the scrapping soul!

October Create Kit Contains:
Patterned Paper
Cosmo Cricket Pixie Licious Bloomin Babies Cosmo Cricket Pixie Licious Flower Fields Cosmo Cricket Pixie Licious Brownie Bands Sassafras Indie Girl Affection Sassafras Indie Girl Mellow Ta Da Bountiful Blooms Ivy League Ta Da Bountiful Blooms Kaleidoscope Fancy Pants Lilac House Flocked Transparency My Little Shoe Box Greentree House

Bazzill Cardstock Jubilee Bazzill Cardstock Frosted Kiwi Bazzill Cardstock Butter Cream Bazzill Cardstock Rain

Cosmo Cricket Lavender Bling Alphabet Cosmo Cricket Pixie Licious Buttons x10 Maya Road Lilac and Rose Medallion Flowers x1 Maya Road Kraft Collection Window Envelopes x5 Maya Road Turquoise Blue Glitter Maya Road Cream Resin Blossoms x3 Prima Glitter Spray Branch Canvas Corp Mini Kraft Bag May Arts Ribbon Lilac Open Weave (18") May Arts Ribbon Lime Sheer Sparkly (18") May…

Last Day of the Summer Holidays...

was spent at Bressingham Steam Museum and we had lots of fun:D


just sometimes something I bake turns out OK:lol:

Most of you that know me will have heard the tale of the soup that had to be buried in the back garden and so this moment of baking was set upon with a little nervous energy but spurred on by Master Ablett who 'needed' to make the cakes that Nicola did at the weekend:D

Better than the hair turned out but hey, that would be another story...



Yes my little guy it totally obsessed with fire engines, in fact if there are also old fire engines that he bursts:lol: So yesterday's treat with Nanny & Grandad was simply the best...

I may also have some funny photos to share tomorrow, although I hope not!, as I am dying Zoe and Kirsty's hair - one wants red one wants blonde.... could be interesting don't you think!


Still Playing With Paper

I can truly say I have loved designing with September Kit, normally if pressed for time it is harder to sit and enjoy doing something that has to be done by a certain time or to a deadline isn't it but for some strange reason that just wasn't the case this month!

I have used September GoGo Create, G2P, Hybrids & Bespoke Cards

This is one of those 'take a picture of yourself at arms length' shots and boy did we have a laugh taking it! After a long working day around the show coming outside in the sun light was really welcome!

I decided to go with a quirky covered chipboard tree featuring lots of different elements from the kit including paper, fabric from the flowers, corrugated letters for one branch and the Maya Road Pins for some leaves; using the Hybrid tree behind the chipboard lifted it away from the page and helping it to 'pop'.

Some of the packaging from the Prima Gems was used above the photo and a litle strip below - the colour goes so well with Septem…

Crazy August!

The 8th month of the year has been truly nuts and a whirlwind of just about everything:lol: However in that whirl of activity we have found time to have fun too and that included celebrating Harry's 9th birthday!

More 'Paperwork'

Yes more working with paper today:D

Using September Create, G2P, Hybrids & Bespoke Design Cards

We are lucky enough to live fairly close to the coast and Summer would not be complete without at least one visit to Walberswick to have a play in the sand.

September Kit may be ideal for coming into the Autumn months but don't let that fool you as beach photos are the perfect blend too!

For this LO I decided to make some layers down the page to give the feeling of the dunes that overlap the sand that then meets the sea and a little section cut from the Crate Paper 'Branch' paper was ideal - plus adding some pearls from the Prima element to the dots really does make it feel just a little bit like pebbles on the sand.

The shiney leaf and stamped image along with some cut out section from a Bespoke Design Card add to the beach comber feel of my photos a treat.

Bits and Pieces

Summer holidays are just a tad challenging I feel:lol: So much work to get done but so much less time to devote and the 'nightshift' doesn't seem so appealing on rainy days but hey ho I am truly lucky to be able to swap my days around so that I can be with Harry and the girls I should not moan at all!

We have had so, so many hospital appointments this month with three last week including two with 4 hour round trips which doesn't make for much holiday fun for Harry and he is a little cross they are not in school time so he misses maths:lol: Oh the flip side all his results are back and all is well so we can start the term with clear heads I guess - well you have to be a cup half full kinda person don't you:D

We went for a trip away at the weekend to give Harry a little treat (and for the girls to have some calm time at home without Cbeebies etc!) and visited Cadbury World. We enjoyed reading the history behind the town and the factory but Harry being a 'busy' …

Back Home

After a whirlwind trip filled with long days of work and play I am home and getting back into the 'normal' routine that is the chaos and mayhem of having a busy business and children on school holidays, those of you that also have a similar combination will know what I mean:D

It seems such a long time since sports day...

This photo was taken whilst I was away and sent to me on my phone, I can't believe how much Harry's hair has grown since two week ago!

We found some great new products for upcoming GoGo Kits and if you have yet to see them check out our Blog posts from when we were at CHA!

Lots of exciting things happening in the world of GoGo at present including a new member incentive scheme, if you are a member or thinking of becoming one then you will not want to miss this!


Hot In The City!

This time next week we shall be in Chicago and viewing these fantastic sights.. well if it cools down we will be as at the moment it is 100 deg!!!!!!

Chicago is a breath taking city and this time round we are even more adventurous as we fly into Amsterdam then back out to Chicago - should be a laugh! We are also planning on using the Loop and subway system a lot more rather than expensive taxi's so we have a little more to spend in those lovely shops:lol: Each time we get a little braver - who knows next time we may even drive!

Fancy Fans

After a little lie in (thanks Simon!) I was in my element this morning playing with August Kit for my second LO for the Gallery, sitting in PJ's with tea and toast helped too:D
I had in my mind to make an oriental fan which was going to be a size of about 6x12" but whilst making a smaller prototype I decided that I would use that instead as it was so cute:D A happy accident happened whilst doing this LO and the fan fell onto the branch on the Hybrid print out I had enlarged - and WOW it suddenly looked like a tree!!:lol:

I used August Create, G2P & Hybrids for the design above.

This photo holds sweet memories of a cuddle Harry and I share as we waited to leave on our last day of Harry's Make A Wish trip. Harry was sad to be going home so a hug was the best way to spend those last few minutes before we left, we sat in the shade surrounded by the pretty garden at the front of GKTW so a little 'scenery' design was perfect!

The Hambly transparency was ideal to cut in…

Love Those Lanterns!

I have found a moment to sit and create and have totally loved using the stamp this month to make these little lanterns...

I have used August Create, Hybrids, Stamp & G2P for this LO.

I love this photo of Harry sucking his thumb it is such a peaceful and tranquil shot of him. Turning the photo from colour to sephia really looks stunning with the elements and tones of August Kit, really warm and inviting.

I wanted to create a large branch element so printed out the hybrid sizing it to fit on a whole A4 sheet, cutting off the lanterns that were printed and replacing them with stamped lanterns really did lift the page creating dimension and texture too.

To make these lanterns is simple. Stamp lantern image onto patterned paper, cut out and fold back and forth. Snip small slits into the 'peaks' and re mould to suit.

Orange paper was placed under the lace trim for added colour and the hybrid vine was raised with 3D foam pads.

Just goes to show that what may at first seem like a '…

Poorly Little Chap & Tokyo Gardens

Some weeks are just not meant to turn out as planned are they and this one sure has been a topsy turvy one!

Harry was due to have his MRI on Monday so up we get at 5am, bundle a sleepy chap in the car and head for Addenbrooks. Harry mentioned he didn't feel well but that is normal as he gets nervous for his canula being put in and of course he hadn't had anything to eat for 8 hours or so ready for the anaesthetic so we didn't think anything more of it... well we should have!
We turned up at the unit and Harry had his checks only to find that his temperature was near on 39 so we had to come away without the MRI being done:(

Harry's temperature has contined to rise and he is quite a poorly little chap bless him, the biggest clue is not eating as normally he eats us out of house and home:lol: So lots of resting and cbeebies for him the rest of the week I think:D

Whilst Harry rests in between cuddles I hope to play with Tokyo Gardens today, I have a lovely picture of Harry suc…

Paper Proposals Week 2

My fellow Paper Proposal girls have been busy this week designing with card blanks, do pop on over and use their inspiration to create something yourself and dont forget to share! These designs below are by Nicola, Emma and Beki, so cool:D

GoGo 6th Birthday Challenge

As part of our birthday challenges over at ScrapaGoGo we have a cool sketch to use as a kick start to creating a LO using six photos and yesterday I had a play along myself...

These photos were taken at GKTW on the playground they recently had built, it is called 'Matthews Boundless Playground' and was opposite our villa which was nice and close - infact Harry kept letting himself out in the morning and wandering over there by himself and on one occassion he had a doughnut and Fruitloops from the cookie cart delivered to him whilst playing:lol:

Happy times etched forever!


Paper Proposals

There is something new in town.....

Hi and welcome to the 'Paper Proposals' Challenge Blog! We'll be posting new challenges every Friday and would love to see your interpretations! We'll be joined by regular contributing designers and guest designers, a.k.a. winners of the weekly challenges. We all hope you'll join in the fun!

Do come and join in and get using up all that stash before the next CHA releases hit the shore, that way you want feel bad about new purchases:lol:

Here is my interpretation below...


Make A Wish Album

I am on a mission to get some more pages completed for Harry's Make A Wish album so decided to challenge myself to use a couple of different sketch blogs to get some extra pages completed quickly. Yesterday I had a go at this weeks Pencil Lines Sketch...

I also used up some older supplies, this LO I used some of November 2009 GoGo Create Kit and I am really chuffed with the result. It was lovely to sit and chill whilst using the sketch as I didn't have to 'think' - which meant watching Lost (thank you Janice) was so much more pleasing:D

Life has been a bit weird lately but this week we seemed to have turned a corner on so many levels, work and home are running smoother than ever (mind you that may be down to Zoe and Kirsty being home and helping:lol:) and the work we have input into sorting things for Harry to help understand why he does things and why he 'blows' has really started to show!

Right, now off to find more sketches to get this album filled....


Monster Sulk!

Just sharing the LO I made using Create & Co July Sketch ( yes I know it is not July quite yet :lol:)...

Harry's face did make me chuckle that day, it really was a monster sulk!


Busy Bees

WOW so where did this weekend go? What with our 12 hour crop yesterday and the beach today it has just flown past!

This week is mega busy too starting off with a hospital appointment for Harry at Addenbrooks which will take up basically the whole day tomorrow - hopefully it won't be quite as hot as that would not be so good being stuck indoors all day for Harry:(

But I have found time to scrap of course...

We had a short but fun filled day visiting Epcot in Orlando and having never been before we didn't really know what to expect, we were certainly not disappointed! One of my favourite things about Epcot was the many different floral displays and these Mickey and Minnie topiaries were such fun as they were created with their own gardens full of pumpkins and other vegetables.

Our very own Angie Woolfall took part in the Pencil Lines Sketch Challenge Blog and created a sketch and LO, and to celebrate and support Angie I created my 5th Lo this month following the sketch.

I trimmed th…