Fun Times Were Had

I have been spending a little time this evening sorting out the files and photos on my computer, trying to get in some kind of preparation for which ones I hope to scrap and those I just want to file away in a safe place 'for prosperity' but I didn't get very far as I kept homing back in on the ways that were taken in Disneyland, Anaheim a couple of weeks back.

We were fortunate to be able to spend a girlie day chilling and bounding in Disneyland (after CHA and the work was done of course!) and were blessed with a truly sunny day too, we did have such a laugh - so much so that my sides ached! Aside from being the one that got the wettest on Grizzly Bear River Run the highlight of the day was being asked to be in the parade.. I kid you not!

After we got over the initial excitement I admit to being a bit nervous - well we didn't actually know what we were doing in the parade and for all I knew we could have been asked to dress up as Pumba or Tigger's backside :lol:

But we shouldn't have worried as we got to ride in a cool car and learnt the 'princess wave' - but I can't tell you the secret to the wave as we were made to promise not to share:lol:

Other photos that made me smile were those from the Character Breakfast we shared with Goofy (well you are never too old!)
and this one below - for two reasons really:

1) Why have I got my arm around Nicola in such an affectionate way?

2) What is Eileen laughing about, she really is finding something hilarious? athough maybe the two are connected but for the life of me I can't remember:D

It's good for the soul not to take life (and yourself) too serious at times, this day in the park made me feel 5 years younger and we really did make some great memories between us all! Thanks girls for sharing the adventure:D

Lorraine x


  1. Good times.
    Wish I knew what I'm laughing about, anyone remember?

  2. remembering this day always puts a smile on my face.
    Being in the parade was magical then doing a conga with the characters
    was unforgettable.
    Sheena x


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