Is It Wrong To Be So Excited!

You would think looking at scrapping supplies all day everyday would get a bit tiresome wouldn't you but there are moments in most days that my pulse races at the sight of new products:lol: This week has seen that moment more than once not only with March Kit but also the stock arriving for the shop at the Getaway in March.

Those of you that are coming along to the Getaway will simply LOVE what we have instore for you this year, as you know we like to make your GoGo shopping experience a little different to the norm and as we shop with ONLY the Getaway delegates in mind for the stock we can really spend that little extra time and care making it just that little bit more unique.

So the Getaway Forum is now live for the delegates and chat is already busy and buzzing - all 21 Classes have been announced too and have gone down a storm and as a little extra surprise we also shared a quick peek into a couple of sections of the shop stock:D

After all the oo's and ahh's from all of us at GoGo HQ we know that our delegates are going to LOVE what we have for them... well there may be some left after I have been shopping!

Lorraine x


  1. I NEED one of those embroidered albums, tooooooooooooo gorgeous.

  2. Eileen was eyeing up those albums at CHA, so if anyone else wants one, they may have to fight her for it!! lol! Have credit card - will shop!!

  3. Oh no - never ever wrong to be excited about new stash!


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