New Look!

Not only has my face had a little make over but we have been busy working away on our new look website over the last few days.

Like any major project it takes a team of people (with lots of GSOH) to complete the task from start to finish, so a bit like an award ceremony I am going to say some 'thank yous':lol:

Thank you to Vicki for working with us on the main template for the backdrop and header - we love it! Vicki has some pretty cool Blog To Go designs on her shop right now and some equally cool digi kits to boot!

A big thank you to Simon at x3 Internet Solutions for pulling it all together and listening to our ideas and making it happen (and work!).

And last but most certainly not least a HUGE thank you to all the lovely messages from customers and members - we try hard to keep things fresh and funky for you all and are constantly working on new ideas to inspire you.

Talking about inspiration you may have seen a new elemtent on the side bar of the website....

More details following soon!



  1. I am so excited to be a part of GoGo right now , there's just so much cool stuff going on !!!

  2. I will think about my acceptance speech and be back!! lol!


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