My Heart Is In Their Hands

I think Valentines Day is a rather sweet tradition TBH, even if it has been bitten by lots of commercial hype nowadays I still kinda love it! We are not a gushy couple by any means but we try to make sure not a day goes by without stopping for a moment to say 'I Love You' or for a supportive hug if needed (most days!) and I must say that it really comes quite naturally ... I guess that is a good thing:D I do however find it a little 'odd' that you can get Valentine cards for your dog/cat/teacher... weird:lol:

February's GoGo Kit had to contain a little Amour didn't it really, nothing too in your face and themed but it is there if you want to showcase your love of your life or indeed your love for a packet of sweets:lol: I do have to admit to buying a small Valentine gift for Simon... Werther's Orginals - well he does like them and so much more than heart adorned boxer shorts or an odd cuddly toy I am sure!

So to celebrate my love for four very important people in my life I created these two LO's with February Kit...

What did you do this Valentines?

Lorraine x


  1. Lovely layouts, the skype one is just great:)
    Lisa x

  2. Lovely to see your layouts Lorraine - Skype Me is my favourite too!

    Mind you, memories of Pj's and LA come to mind when thinking of skyping.... ;)


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