Jungle Juice...

well that is what the doctor called it and it was good what ever it was!

We have had a couple of days of medical procedures in the Ablett household but I guess it got it all done and dusted in one go. Kirsty has her tonsils out on Friday and all went really well and she was back home the same day:D Yesterday we put plans into action and Grandad came to sit with Kirsty from 6.30am whilst Simon took (dragged!) me along to the clinic to have three retained teeth roots out with IV sedation ( I am in LOVE IV sedation by the way!). I am proud to say that hysteria only set in once and that was in private which Simon is truly thankful for:lol:

The dentist was lovely and told me afterwards that one of the teeth had a root at a 45% angle - glad I was on another planet when they removed that then! Without going into too much detail one of the holes in my mouth looks like something came out sideways... yuck!!!

So today no pretty pictures to share, no creations but I am very happy everything is all over with now and Kirsty and I can enjoy getting back to normal in no time at all:D

Thank you to all those that left supportive texts and messages it really did help.

Lorraine x


  1. Hope you both make a speedy recovery and are back to full strength really soon x

  2. Now be good patients, do as you've been told and make a speedy recovery. Oh and milk it for all it's worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. glad it's all over for you both x


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