A Funny Ol' Day So Far...

Don't you just love the realms of the WWW, (well most of the time anyhow!) without even leaving my chair I done the weekly Tesco shop, ordered the make up I have had on my wish list since January, completed some work and checked up on the chat on the Clubhouse and UKS; all before 10am - shame Apple can't invent an imac that makes coffee too!

Today was one of those days when the juggling was at it's best as smack bang in the middle of the day (of course!) Harry had an appointment with his Community Paediatrician - when I say 'his' it could have actually been anyone as I don't think we have ever seen the same Doctor more than twice which is not helpful as you have to start the history and background all over again... a kind of medical groundhog day!!! However we sure did strike it lucky and had the same Doctor as last time.

One positive of this appointment was it is fairly close to home rather than the usual 3 hours round trip we have to make and we pass a fantastic bakery - bonus! So although it was not a frustrating appointment.. phew! (which those of you that have children with statements and extra medicals needs will fully understand and know where I am coming from!) we do have lots to think about so having some time out later and having a tea party with our cakes sounds good:D

Infact I think food treats must play a huge part in our hospital trips judging by the nick names Harry gives the various locations...

Addenbrooks - 'Burger King Hospital' (yes they have a Burger King!)
Ipswich - 'Smarty Cookie Hospital' (they have the best cookies around!)
St Thomas's -'Rainforest Cafe Hospital' (as it is a long train journey we normally have some city treats!)
GOSH - 'Thorntons Hospital' (as Liverpool St Station Harry has something from Thorntons:lol:)
Eye - 'Cake Hospital' (lovely Bakery!)

OK, now I can see why my diet always fails:lol: But it is nice to have Harry think of each of the places in a cute way rather than "the hospital that I have x,y,z at" isn't it.

Everyday I try to make sure I do something creative (even if it is just picking up a craft magazine!) and today I am planning on finishing my 4th LO with March Kit as well as working on a rather gorgeous class for the March GoGo Getaway and although I can't share that as yet I will share one other LO I have done for March...

The Fancy Pants Star Kraft paper is great fun but can be a little 'too much' as it is, but a simple trim off the right side and placed buffed up to the edge of Kraft Bazzill is just enough to make it work well with my photos. A simple border around my photo (cut from the Sassafras paper) and the addition of the photocorners (coloured black) really do help the picture leap from the LO.

I love this picture of Kirsty at the Hollywood Sign view point, the contrast of the bright blue sky and the skyline really goes cry 'Hollywood' - well those dark glasses help too!

Oh how I wish we were still standing in the Hollywood hills today - I could do with some sun, fun and laughter and distraction from real life:D

Lorraine x


  1. You need a little oooooop north retail therapy..come and see me and I'll take you to the Trafford Centre..we can shop and then eat, shop....go to the pictures....shop and then call at the fabulous Krispy Kreme restaurant on the way home....go on.....you know you want to :)

  2. Ah bless him, those names for the hospitals really made me giggle xx

  3. mmmmmmmmmm .... tasty, my life seems to be dominated by cake, biscuits and sweet things at the moment, a temporary antidote to life's stresses me thinks


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