My Philosophy

No I haven't gone all 'deep' since my jungle juice :lol: but I have fallen in love with the Philosophy skin care range!

It all started in an LA mall when we entered a department store where Nicola needed to stock up on a certain cleanser from Philosophy and five minutes later I grabbed myself a Miracle Kit too. I did wonder if it may be one of those impulse buys that I would regret but for the last four weeks I have followed my new skin care regime and WOW the difference is great.

I have used Clinque since I was about 14 so to try something else was a big step - sounds silly but you know what I mean - but I can honestly say I am hooked BIG TIME!

The smell is divine, the feel luxurious and the results amazing. I no longer have crows feet that need filling and have a 'glow' that people have remarked on so it must be good:lol: 'Hope In A Jar' is such a cool name for a moisturise don't you think

So thank you Nicola for sharing your secret to youthful skin. I now have a list of other 'potions' I need from the range.

Lorraine x


  1. I'm loving it too, even my lines are getting slightly fainter! Will definately be purchasing more:)

  2. LOL ! Now you have told everyone our secret !!! Seriously I am so pleased you love it too xx


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