Treat Day

Today was treat day, which meant work has been put on hold until night time when Harry is asleep:lol:

It is hard to come up with different things to do for little day trips especially when it is cold and rainy so we settled for a safe option of a visit to Build A Bear in Norwich. Harry was a lucky boy as Mia came along too and they had so much fun selecting the bears (or wolf in Harry's case!) and then dressing them up... I managed to convince Harry that Wolf clothing was not pink and glittery:lol: Harry named is new purchase 'Max' and dressed him in combat gear:lol: complete with a tent for sleeping in at night - of course!

Boy was it hectic in the shop, you literally could not move and by the time we had finished we were fit to drop from hunger and thirst so quickly found our way to the food hall for an energy boost. So pocket money all spent I now have a happy little chap to put to bed along with a army wolf named Max :lol:

Lorraine x


  1. Sounds like a fun time was had and they both look exhausted.

  2. they did have a fab day Eileen, and very well behaved:D
    Lisa x


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