19 days... ready to pop already!

With all the preparations for the Getaway last weekend I made myself put Harry's Make A Wish trip to the back of my mind so I could fully concentrate on the work in hand but now that we have arrived back, unpacked and sorted everything back into the warehouse and have a routine ready for staffing and packing over the Easter break I can now truly say that I am too so very, very excited!

We ordered a guidebook which came this morning, Harry has since been sat on the settee looking at all the pictures - fat chance of him getting dressed before noon I think:lol:

I have also started to think about how I will approach documenting Harry's Wish, yes of course I will be creating a scrapbook dedicated to the week but I just know that there is going to be so many, many things I want to put down, keep and record that I think I may need to think a bit more about how to go about it!

I want to make a scrapbook that can be picked up and looked at again and again, one that has lots of meaning not just fancy pages but also one that has thoughts, feelings and memories from the whole family about our trip. I think it is going to be a hard thing to capture from all those sides, maybe I need to rethink and perhaps get all the family to create their own travel/art journals... thoughts, ideas and suggestions always appreciated!

I plan to write a diary whilst there, a place where I can put some thoughts down as well as highlights of the day - I may use this to help record some memories in a scrapbook but I guess I will probably also keep it is a personal 'journey'. Can you tell my head is a little all over the place!

One thing I do know is that I want to somehow recreate the sketch logo of Give The Kids The World village onto a cover of an American Crafts album - the ones that have the colour binding but 'bare' front and back. I wonder if the image would print clear enough onto Bazzill... I think I may be experimenting this weekend.



  1. I am so excited for you all - cant wait to hear all your tales and 'Harryisms' cos you know there are going to be hundreds!!!

    You will have an amazing time, and you are allowed to be excited!

  2. When I first met hubby and before I knew about scrapbooking I used to keep a journal that recorded my trips over to the states. Reading them back years later I find i can feel the excitement and amazement at the new locations andexperiences I had even now just from my words. I wasn't concerned about the right photo for the right page IYKWIM i hope that Harry has an amazing time and that you enjoy every minute don't hide behind the camera just let loose and have a fabulous time xxxxx mandi


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