Yesterday we found out the day of Harry's swimming with dolphins experience, Monday 26th April is the day!
Harry's actual wish was to 'swim with sharks' which luckily Make A Wish interpretated as swimming with dolphins... phew!

I have never really looked into the whole swimming with dolphins and Discovery Cove as TBH it never really seemed something that would in reality happen or be reachable with a family of 5, especially with one daughter in uni and one in college for the next 4 years! As a family we have been really lucky to be able to go to Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris but never did we think we would get to go to Florida! I have been for a flying visit to Orlando for CHA last Summer and I must admit it was really hard to go there without the family but I preserved that feeling by staying well away from anything tourist, Disney or other things that would happen if you were in Orlando as a family on holiday - no mean feat in Orlando I can tell you :lol: It meant all that was to do after work was shop at the outlets and eat!

So this morning I have endulged Harry and I with some website visits to Discovery Cove, clicking all the links of what you get to do has made our hearts beat very fast today and Harry has been running round in circles screaming:lol: He is very excited he gets to keep his snorkle too! Although looking at the wetsuits I think the idea that I had back in October to lose 2 or 3 stone was a great idea.... opps forgot to do that, bit late now you think?



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