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We received a further email from GKTW today which has really made Harry hyper today already! He loves the fact that it is addressed to him let alone what the contents say :lol: He loves it when he gets letters though the post too, we used to send him things like Cbeebies magazines through the post just to see his face light up so I can't wait for the next stage of his Wish pack to come through and see the reaction, I must remember to keep the camera really handy this week!

Dear Harry,

Just over one week before we welcome all of you to Give Kids The World Village - we are really excited and hope you are too! Your wish granting organization has partnered with Give Kids The World Vacation Planning Services team to make sure this is a most magical, memorable, and stress-free vacation of a lifetime. To ensure we are ready for your stay, we would like to confirm the following information:

Travel Information
Wish Child: Harry
Confirmation #: ******
Number in party: 5
Lodging: Give Kids The World
Arrival Date: 4/23/2010
Departing Date: 4/30/2010
Transportation: *****
Flight #: ***
Time: 15:25:00
Arriving: Orlando
Rental Car: Avis

We look forward to meeting all of you on your special wish vacation. Check out the following link to help you further plan your trip!

Have a safe trip and we'll see you soon!

Your friends at Give Kids The World


  1. Very exciting, bet you have a very hyper little boy!

  2. awww bless him Lorraine, Hope he has a wonderful time:)


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