It's Here!

Harry has been waiting on the doorstep this morning as he knew his Make A Wish pack would be here! The postman let him sign for the special delivery which was exciting enough in its self:lol:

The pack contained lots of written information and e tickets etc but also some little envelopes for Harry to get a special photo of his swim with the dolphins and also a sealed letter for the flight crew... I wonder if that is to warn them that there is one very excited and hyper boy on their flight or that his Dad doesn't like flying:lol: Also in the pack is some gold star badges, these are really special and we will treasure them forever I am sure!

We have had a quick read through altogether and will read in more detail later but I think for now we must get dressed as it is nearly lunch time and we don't have a crumb to eat until I have been shopping!

I will leave you with what I think is THE most precious photo we captured this morning, check out this excited face!



  1. That last pic of Harry is so adorable! Bless him for getting so excited. What a lucky boy, but at the same time it's a shame he qualifies for such a thing. I know you will all have an amazing time though.

  2. Brilliant photo's Lorraine, welling up at the thought of him opening all that up!
    Lisa x

  3. That is exactly how I pictured his excitement to be - I cant wait to hear all about it from him!


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