Castle of Miracles

OMG 16 days now!!!!!

The excitement has been further induced by over endulgement of chocolate this weekend:lol:

We have been trying to talk to Harry about the meaning behind Give The Kids The World (GTKTW) complex and why it is there, I feel we not only need to make him aware of why it is there and the work all the volunteers do but also in some ways to prepare him for what I really think will be an emotional place. I am expecting it to be more of a roller coaster than Disney has to offer for raw emotions, there will be endless happy and positive memories made to last forever but also a humbling experience too. There will be children staying on site that may be in the middle of chemo or other treatments that make them feel quite unwell and although Harry has experienced many, many situations meeting and playing with children having chemo it will be the first time he has seen this in a 'holiday' setting as 9 times out of 10 he experiences treatments within a hospital setting.

You can't lie to children, can't hide the truth of how sad and unfair life can be can you, but how can you actually put into words that many of the children that are at GTKTW will not make it to their next birthday - on top of that how can you get that fact over without frightening your own children that has been granted a wish to the very same place because they too have a life threatening illness... see it is definately a journey I am taking on many different levels and TBH my head hasn't quite got round that part yet - not sure that it ever will really either. I am excited, I am really happy for Harry that he has this opportunity but amongst all those positives the one wish I would love granted is that he wasn't eligible for such a trip and that he didn't have to face the challenges he has before him.

A section of the information we have been sent about Harry's trip (The Castle of Miracles) is what started me off on these deep thoughts and feelings today but now I hope that by getting those sadder feelings and fears down on my blog that I can move on to all the fun and exciting things that will make the next 16 days fly by preparation wise!

Within our information we have been given it details a beautiful place called The Castle of Miracles, each wish child creates their own gold star on arrival with their name engraved on it - whilst the child is asleep that first night the 'fairies' come and place it in the ceiling with all the other stars to stay their forever and ever. There are hundreds, and hundreds of these stars each made by the little hands of every wish child - now you can see what got me started!



  1. I certainly can see what got you started Lorraine
    lisa x

  2. That is beautiful , just beautiful xxx


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