Today I am going to rewind my head back to this day and remember this very excited little face...

And try to forget this...

We plan to leave at 4pm today to head for Twlight Check In and then our hotel at Gatwick Airport - for once I hope the sound of planes keeps me awake!

I am also looking forward to stopping having to check these sites every two minutes! Great if you like watching planes though:D I am their number one groupy now! Richard Branson must think he has a stalker:lol:

But most of all I am not going to miss trying to analyse these pictures every 4 hours!

Pilot forums are now being swapped back for scrapping forums - I think Simon began to think I was a little over keen on pilots for a while there! and piles of clothes are now being swapped for packed cases.... but fingers and toes are still crossed until we are on Orlando soil:D

I have learnt a lot about myself these past few days and have deduced that a) I don't always have the strength to cope as well as I thought when something is thrown at me b) I need 8 hours sleep a day to function - I think I have had that in total over the past five night c) true friends are worth their weight in gold and throw themselves at the challenge to support you through things even when you are a pain to be around! and last but not least I realise that Harry's trip means so much to us as a family and how much we are looking forward to seeing his reaction to swimming with dolphins and making lots of happy memories:D



  1. I'm so so so happy that you made the flight, can't tell you how choked up I was to see the 10 mins to board photo on FB....I did actually well up for you all sat in my little office in the north west.
    I can't wait to read all about your trip and to see the photos...I hope you're having the best time.


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