The Rides And The Characters

Harry loves his fast rides, log flumes where you get wet are his favourite by far so one of the first places he wanted to head for was Splash Mountain so that is what we did!

If you click on the photo below to enlarge it you can see Harry's face bless him!

I don't think we actually missed any rides out in the Magic Kingdom, 'It's A Small World' went down well as we got to sit in the shade for 10 minutes:lol: 'The Haunted Mansion' was fab too but Harry's also thought 'Big Thunder Mountain' was great as he got me on a roller coaster - umm someone could have warned me it had faster and higher drops than California :lol:

With so much visual stimulation and busy fun Harry really did need a total break in the afternoon and although we had toyed with the idea of going back to GKTW we really wanted to stay for a late night and watch the fireworks and parade so we decided to check out the 'Wish Lounge' we had been told about on our welcome talk the first night and boy was it a great facility!

We spent two hours in the Wish Lounge with DVD's, board games, ice cold water and a room totally chilled with AC and many floor cushions and comfy chairs. It was ideal for Harry to be able to kick off his splint and give his leg a break too and we soon felt ready for an afternoon of more fun.

Harry was now ready and more relaxed to meet some characters!

Disney turns really magical at night and we enjoyed going on more rides throughout the evening whilst waiting for the parade at 9pm followed by the fireworks at 10pm...

We left the park at around 10.30pm and finally got into bed at around midnight and although tired we all had a wonderful day and glad we had stayed for that magical ending to the day.



  1. Truly magical memories!! Sorry didn't tell you about Splash - Harry wouldn't have forgiven me! ;)

  2. Brilliant photos.... :)


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