Harry's Dolphin Swim

When Harry was referred to Make A Wish they sent him along a special pack where he could draw pictures of things he likes, people he may want to meet, experiences he would like to take part in and what he may want to be when he is older - Harry's piece of A4 paper was a real mixed bag of fire engines, firemen, Mickey Mouse, Sharks (yes, sharks!) and other random sketches of what ever came into his head that afternoon:lol:

He then had to get three main 'wishes' down for his wish list, the first was to swim with sharks... luckily Make A Wish sent him to swim with dolphins as that was the safer option:lol:

On Monday 26th April at 11am Harry got to experience his first choice from his list and did indeed swim with dolphins and what an experience that was! Discovery Cove was like no other place on earth, I wouldn't know of any other word to explain it other than 'paradise'.

After around 15 minutes getting to know our dolphin, Cindy who is 40 yeas old, Harry got to swim along back to shore on his own with Cindy. He simply needed to hold on as shown although Harry did try to sit on her back as if she were a pushbike:lol:

I love his face in these photos!

He totally LOVED this experience but also went on to enjoy a fantastic afternoon in Discovery Cove which I will share later on...



  1. They are amazing photos Lorraine - he looks incredibly happy! :)

  2. Fantastic photos....ones to cherish


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