Last Wednesday

Harry was playing basketball with Belle and Goofy at GKTW - how random is that:lol:

Belle and Goofy were also signing autograph books and hanging about with all the children, it is lovely that Disney send some characters along to the village as it was so much better for the children to be able to meet them with left pushing and shoving!
It was hilarious how Belle especially stayed in character whilst Goofy taught her how to play - I think this is one of the moments that Harry would say is his favourite from the week. He kept saying 'this place is so magcial'!

We headed off to Animal Kingdom around 10am and headed straigth for the Safari as advised, it was totally cool!

We thought Animal Kingdom was pretty cool and although we were only there from 10.30am until around 2pm we had a fab time!



  1. Great photos Lorraine - glad you enjoyed the Safari - did Harry find the Poachers? :D

    Love the story about Belle and Goofy - special moments to be treasured!


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