Off To Islands Of Adventure

After a good nights sleep we set off for Universal's Islands Of Adventure, Harry was excited about going to the Seuss Landing area of the park so that is where we headed for first of all!

It was kind of an odd place just like I had expected, odd in a good way of course:D The Cat In The Hat ride was sweet as we as the Fish ride that squirted water at us - good for cooling down in the 88 deg heat at 10am in the morning!

Walking around Seuss Landing was a great opportunity for fun shots...

We moved through the park pretty quick as it wasn't too busy which was lovely, we spotted Hogwarts Castle which is the center piece of the Harry Potter Park opening in June as well as lots of other fun stuff - almost too much to take in:lol:

Harry loved meeting Popeye and Olive (well he did once he knew who they were:lol:)...

Fast rides are Harry's favourite, I am sure it is his non existent sense of danger that is to blame :D Zoe and Kirsty were happy to oblige and take him on this log flume...

Simon and I were more than happy to stand and wave:lol:



  1. Cool place.
    Lovin' each instalment and eagerly await the next

  2. I'm loving the photo's and the updates:D
    Lisa x

  3. I agree with Lisa and Eileen await each update eagerly

  4. Love the photos and hearing all about your exciting trip! IOA looks empty! How fab!


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