A Cutting & Sticking Afternoon

We have been really busy today at work pulling together another GoGo Day Event (keep your eyes peeled for info real soon!) so upon coming home I was all inspired to complete my first LO using June Kit.

I used the Are We Nearly There Yet June Create Kit & Hybrids for this 12x12 LO.

I love these cherished photos that capture Harry's first 'normal' bike, for years he has had to have a special bike as his mobility is not that great and accidents were going to happen if we didn't have the right equipment to hold him in place! This is Harry's first bike straight out of Halfords, and although we needed to send for special stabilsers he was as proud as punch to go and select a bike of his choice for his 8th birthday.

What I find great about the hybrids we offer free of charge is that they really can make the kit contents stretch so much further. I have added many elements from the hybrid sheets including the 'stop' sign as a journal spot for part of the title, used two clouds with one on 3D foam pads for dimension, cut the frame into a banner to help get over the feel of the celebrations of the day, used tiny strips of the frame for embellishing and the title was made using the 'travels' element along with the Cosmo Cricket Ready, Steady, Chip letters.

The Hybrids were such an integral part of being able to make this design the 'cartoon book' feel that I wanted it to be and with a little imagination and creative cutting some of the elements turned into different elements altogether!

Harry thought he would like to join in so I found him some supplies other than my June Kit:lol: He even took the camera away and took his own picture. He made this totally by himself and I think it is great!

I also found these photos on my camera, cheeky little monster that Harry is and they really made me laugh when they popped up:lol:



  1. Ha I find similar photos on my Iphone when I connect to the pc....LOL
    Super scrapbooking Harry......
    Oooooh another day event huh......you 'work' too hard LOL


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