No Idea Where To Start!

We are back and after sleeping right through from 4pm yesterday to 10am this morning we have caught up on lost sleep:D

Harry's trip truly was a once in a lifetime experience, all the money in the world could not have bought the memories we have etched in our minds forever. GKTW was the most unbelievable place on earth, the staff and volunteers were the best and had thought of everything that could make Harry's experience magical and unique. It was an amazing experience, although somewhat emotional at times, we have come home exhausted, elated, humbled, inspired and filled with so much postive energy from our visit to the place 'Where Happiness Inspires Hope'!

I guess starting at the beginning is going to be the easiest thing to do and Make A Wish and Virgin made sure that from the very moment we stepped on the plane that Harry felt extra special...

You will note that we are still safe on the ground at this point:lol:



  1. So pleased all went well and look forward to hearing more about the trip. Love this first photo.
    Love Margaret

  2. So glad to hear you home safe and well.
    Sounds like the trip was all you had hoped and much much more.
    Now eagerly awaiting more instalments

  3. Can't wait to hear all the details:)
    Lisa x


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