The Funny Things He Says

Harry is one fo those children that comes out with the most funny things at times, sometimes totally inappropriate which can be a cause of embarrassment - and of course we had to have at least one of those moments in Florida didn't we:D

Within Discovery Cove are many different sections and aside from the dolphin experience our favourite part was the Lazy River. It really was so amazing and very warm, lush and beautiful winding through waterfalls and caves and as we bobbed along relaxing and enjoying the view Harry decided it reminded him of something back home....

Harry - This is SO cool Mum.

Me - It is lovely sweetheart and the sun is making the water sparkle.

Harry - Yes, it is just like... the River Thames!

The River Thames? not sure what made him think the the River Thames was like the Lazy River at Discovery Cove but it did make us and many others laugh our sides off!

Being in the water with creatures other than dolphins made me feel a bit odd but I stuck with it so not to scare Harry:lol:

You will note that I have a green floatation vest on, although I can swim I wouldn't consider myself over confident in deep water so incase Harry wanted to grab onto me I decided to wear the vest so from then on I was know as the turtle as it was kind of hard bodied and kept riding up and hiding my neck:lol:

The pools, staff, trainers, beach and refreshments at Discovery Cove were top notch - the pasta and salad I could have ate all week and the snow drinks were pretty divine too! Harry loved digging in the white sand and then running back into the warm water to clean his little wet suit, he did look so cute:D



  1. Love the photo's, know what you mean about the life vests they were a bit of a hindrance! lol
    Lisa x

  2. Amazing
    Well done Harry :) another classic one liner, gotta love them


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