Yeah, I will Get Us Through The Ash Cloud Mum!

The first thing that Harry said to the pilot on board the Virgin flight home was 'I think I can fly us around the ash cloud'! This of course made the pilot laugh:lol:

Make A Wish let the staff of our flight home know that they had a special little guy called Harry on board and Harry was invited to the cockpit - totally cool I think is what he said!

What a cool way to sign off from our trip I am sure you will agree:D



  1. Hubby still gets a kick out of going into the cockpits to talk to the pilots and he does that every day and he's shhhhhh nearly 40 so Harry must have felt like he was walking on air literally......great photos...I got one of Boo in the cockpit with Raff when we went abroad a few years back and I still havent scrapped it....


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