First Full Day - Universal Studios

Up at 5.30am and Harry wanted to spend his first day at Universal Studios as he wanted to go on the Simpsons ride... I so wish I hadn't gone along with his plan and went on it too! Not one for fast rides I asked the lady at the exit if the ride was a roller coaster to be told 'no mam' and it wasn't a roller coaster but may have well have been as it was a simulation of a roller coaster:lol: All four of us with the exception of Harry came off feeling sick, which of course he found really funny:D

We went on just about all the rides in the park and ended the day with the Animal Show, Harry loves animals so was really excited to be invited to stay behind and meet the pig - sorry pig but we can't remember your name:D

We drove back to the Village and headed for the pool which is lovingly know as the Park Of Dreams...

Every night before going to bed Harry loved nothing better than rocking on the chairs outside in our porch...



  1. I'm enjoying catching up with the photos and narrative of your trip. I really look forward to seeing some scrapbook pages :) Glad you all had a great time.
    Mandi xx

  2. Lorraine, I know what you mean about the simpsons ride, the first time we did it I didn't open my eyes once !!
    So pleased you had a great trip xx

  3. PJ, the pig was called PJ :D x


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