Sunday, 9 May 2010

Last Day

I am near to the end of telling you all about Harry's Make A Wish trip, the last day came round far too quick but we shall cherish all the memories we have forever!

It may have been the morning of our last day but there were more surprises in store for Harry as GKTW arranged for him to visit the local fire station - how super cool was that for a fireman obsessed little guy!

Sshh... And yes the fireman was really cute :D



Janice said...

Totally amazing and I imagine Harry thought that was the most fun ever!!!

They really do think of everything - what a truly fantastic organisation!

Your whole trip sounds an amazing and awesome adventure - thank you for sharing :) :)

Lisa said...

LOL @ the hunky fireman!!
Lisa x

Eileen said...

What a fab way to end the week and cute fireman as eye candy BONUS.
Thanks for sharing, have LOVED reading all about the trip.

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