The Bunny Tuck In

One of the things Harry could choose to have at GKTW was a 'bunny tuck in', this meant that at a set time Miss Mary would come and tuck Harry up for night time - and he jumped at the chance, only thing is as he slept in our bed with Simon and I we too had to be tucked up:lol:

Problem is Harry's tuck in was for 8:30pm and this was Harry at 8pm :lol:

We of course had to wake Harry up as soon as we heard the little car coming to the Villa! Miss Mary came along in her own car and met Harry at the door, well that was the plan but Harry ran to meet her!

Harry then led Miss Mary to 'his' room...

Harry loved it and it really is going to be a moment to remember forever!

Simon liked it a little too much too:D


  1. omgosh that has got to be the cutest thing ever! i want a bunny to come and tuck me in now!! harry is a lucky lad!


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