Harry's Star

One of the first things Harry did at the Village was to make his special star, this star would be magically transported from the star fairy's box to it's special place on the ceiling of the Castle Of Miracles. To say we were overwhelmed by the number of gold stars all with hand written names on would be an understatement, each one of these stars written by every wish child that has ever stayed at the GKTW Village and it was more emotional than we could have ever imagined TBH.

Harry in his usual style completed his task at break neck speed:lol: any different and it would not have been our Harry :D

Harry received a wonderful 'passport' which documents where his star is located, this passport means he can visit the Village if he is ever in Orlando which he is very excited about!



  1. How amazing!!! Love that Harry has a passport to visit again, that is fab!!

  2. The star looks fab, trust Harry to do it as full speed ahead!! x

  3. Aww that is so lovely, imagine him maybe visiting his star one day. Fab

  4. What a fab thing, lovely idea about the passport and a revisit.


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