Breakfast At GKTW and A Day At Epcot

The Gingerbread House at GKTW was amazing, the food is all donated and cooked by Perkins on site and is served by 'angels' (volunteers) and really set us all up for the day!

We weren't really sure if Harry would enjoy a full day at Epcot and wondered if the lack of 'rides' would mean that he wanted to leave early but in the end Harry loved it and the smaller amount of rides meant that Harry had a bit more of a chilling out day whilst we walked around the large lake and visited the 'countries'.

He loved the Viking ride in Norway and the boat ride in Mexico as well as the Fast Track car ride at the start of Epcot - he went on that three times:lol: There was lots to see around Epcot and I really enjoyed it and nothing was funnier than when I came round the corner from using the restroom to find Simon and Harry taking part in a street show in the 'UK'!

They must have thought with Simon's mane of hair that he was a brave 'lion heart':lol: Harry thought it was all very funny:D

We decided to have an extra treat with some spending money that was given to us from our parents and spend it on one memorable thing rather than buy drinks and ice creams here and there so that we could say exactly what we used it for, this treat was a Princess Lunch in a 'Castle' in Norway:D Harry does love his princesses!

Harry got a real camera just before we left the UK and loved to take photos in the day, it is really funny and interesting to see the trip through his eyes too...

We have yet to download all the photos from his camera but when we do I think it will be really sweet.

We all really enjoyed our day at Epcot...

Sadly the end of the day came round really quick...



  1. Oh his face with his 'Primpresses' has made me go all goosey bumped! Bless his heart!

    Epcot is my most favourite favourite park ;)

  2. Am loving reading your adventures. I can imagine Harry will never forget this holiday - it looks and sounds like it was PERFECT!


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