Saturday, 8 May 2010


Every Thursday at GKTW it is Christmas, the Village is all decorated and Christmas dinner is served. Santa comes along to see the children and all the 'normal' things you would expect to see our evident - what isn't normal in any sense of the word is the atmosphere. For some children it is the last 'Christmas' they will see and that was extremely difficult to witness but something truly magical happened for those familes that evening and you could see and feel it, I have no other way of describing watching those familes but the experience has changed so much in me.

There were children critically ill, some that were recovering and many that live with the threat of what their illness can do day in day out - but none of those children or families were sad, everyone there had that one thing in common and everyone truly cherised this very fragile thing we call life and that meant we had such a great 'Christmas'!



Janice said...

Amazing photo's - love them all but the one of Harry with Santa is priceless - and the one of you and Simon with him too!

Lisa said...

I love the photo of you and Simon with Father Christmas, you faces count for a thousand words:)
Lisa x

Eileen said...

Amazing lorraine, your word and picture made me feel really quite emotional.
Lovin' the photo of Simon and you with Santa although they're all fab.

mandijane said...

I just about cried reading this post....I love all the photos, the top photo is priceless

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