Magic Kingdom Here We Come!

On Tuesday we set out for the Magic Kingdom, we have read in our guide book that you could take the ferry or monorail to the park and Harry decided that the ferry sounded the way to travel!

I couldn't believe the size of the lake TBH, it was HUGE! On the horizon we spotted the castle - gotta love the castle:D

The short trip over was very exciting, we were all bright and breezy and ready for a full day of fun!

The line for tickets wasn't too bad and within 5 minutes we were holding our tickets for 3 days of Disney fun. Disney is a huge supporter of GKTW and these tickets are donated to each and every family thats stays at the village, not only that but a photopass card with a free redemption code for a CD with all the pictures too... Disney we thank you so very much:D

Harry wanted to be in charge of the map and where we were going which was funny at times and of course we 'helped persuade' him of the best way to go at times too:lol:

I will fill you in on all the places he lead us tomorrow...



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